About Us

Desha is the first e-commerce platform for women entrepreneurs in Bangladesh, of all scales, to do business locally and internationally. While the aim remains constant that it is a B2C online market place through our website, we intend to incorporate business promoting locally made products globally. We are partnered with a wide range of local brands with the same motive and are committed to market them with the right exposure also overseas.

We are focused on serving the needs of residents and non-resident Bangladeshis while only showcasing locally made products. Our plan is to work with other established international marketplaces and integrators to maximize the presence of local brands in the global market once we have established our self locally. In this journey, Desha is powered by various logistic and banking partners making our intentions highly reliable.


Awareness to Local Crafts

Our artisans are from all over the country bringing forward the native art of Bangladesh. The aesthetic designs are not only heart-pleasing but are great to keep one grounded to her roots.


Economic Empowerment for Women

We believe in creating a platform for women to exercise their economic rights coming from every walk of life. We not only believe in the bloom of our heritage but also in our circle of women’s talents.


Safety and Quality

Our products are carefully made with regard to hygiene, safety and finesse in quality. The manufacturing process is monitored in order to make sure that we give you simply the best.

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