Rise of Women Entrepreneurs in Bangladesh

The path to women empowerment has been evolutionary.


The Beginning

The business industry in Bangladesh was mostly male-dominated in the past. Initially, these business ventures were in control of well-educated upper-classmen. Eventually, upper-class women followed them. This change has been revolutionary in the industry regarding female empowerment.

Now, even uneducated women embark on micro-business ventures. Thus, they can raise family incomes and reinvest their earnings in their communities. These women stand as an inspiration to other women in their locality. Hence, women entrepreneurs are rising in numbers gradually.


Why Do Investors Prefer Women

Women entrepreneurs secure investors to help them via their long-term commitment, building trust between shareholders, employers, suppliers, government, and so on.

It is proven that women are more diligent at building long-lasting relationships than men which is crucial for the well-being of a business venture.

Women are also vastly in charge of household spending. Therefore, they understand this market even better.



With time, Bangladesh eventually understood that it is no good to let half of the population not get into the job and be entrepreneurs simply based on gender. This growing awareness led the government to create more facilities for women to begin their business ventures.

Women have to face a lot of traditional and cultural boundaries here to achieve their dreams. However, those who have fought for it contributed significantly to the socio-economic growth of the female entrepreneurs.

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